[Effect of L-ascorbic acid 2-phosphate on cultured rabbit keratocytes (the third report). The effect on production and secretion of type I collagen].


We examined the effect of L-ascorbic acid 2-phosphate (P-Asc), a long-acting phosphate derivative of L-ascorbic acid, on intracellular distribution and production of type I collagen in cultured rabbit keratocytes by an immunohistochemistry and enzyme immunoassay. Exposure of 0.1 mM P-Asc for 10 hours decreased a type I collagen immunoreactivity of the cytoplasm as stained in fine granular materials. 0.1 mM P-Asc induced increase of type I collagen level in the medium. The results suggested that 0.1 mM P-Asc might increase the biosynthesis and secretion of type I collagen in keratocytes and have a therapeutic effect on corneal stromal damage.


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